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Utilising Technology in Making the Nigerian Administration of Criminal Justice Act Effective for Criminal Trials



The 2015 Administration of Criminal Justice Act (ACJA) has set Nigeria on the path of adopting a more technology-driven criminal justice administration. Prior to its enactment after several years of consideration, there had been only episodic use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) facilities in criminal proceedings. This paper examines Nigeria’s Criminal Justice Administration (CJA) in light of the ACJA’s innovative provisions with a view to furthering the application of ICT facilities. It is hoped that ICT might be integrated throughout the CJA as it currently operates in Nigeria so as to promote the effective and efficient automated administration of criminal justice. In the new era of social distancing given the COVID-19 pandemic, such reform is submitted to be imperative.


Criminal justiceadministrationcriminal trialprosecutiondefencetechnology
  • Year: 2020
  • Volume: 11 Issue: 2
  • Page/Article: 5
  • DOI: 10.36745/ijca.332
  • Published on 10 Aug 2020
  • Peer Reviewed