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  • New Eyes for an Old Challenge: How the Portuguese Ministry of Justice is Using Sankey Diagrams to Improve Knowledge on the Judicial System Dynamics

    Miguel Lopes Romão, Pedro Miguel Alves Ribeiro Correia
      • When Special Immigrant Juveniles and Trial Courts Intersect: The Value of Data-Informed Case Management

        Danielle Fox, Hisashi Yamagata, Lili Khozeimeh, Esq., Marianne Hendricks, Esq., Madeleine Jones, Esq., Rick Dabbs
                        • Benchmarking Labor Courts: An Efficiency Frontier Analysis

                          Gustavo Ferro, Victoria Oubiña, Carlos Romero
                          • What judges think about the meaning of their work

                            Ricardo Augusto Ferreira Silva, Tomas Aquino Guimaraes, Marcos Moraes Sousa
                                              • E-justice in Switzerland and Brazil: Paths and Experiences

                                                Marcos Sousa, Daniel Kettiger, Andreas Lienhard
                                                  • The Smart Court – A New Pathway to Justice in China?

                                                    Changqing Shi, Tania Sourdin, Bin Li