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  • The European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ) - Reforming European Justice Systems - "Mission Impossible?"

    Jon T. Johnsen
    • Benchmarking Labor Courts: An Efficiency Frontier Analysis

      Gustavo Ferro, Victoria Oubiña, Carlos Romero
                      • Status of Court Management in Switzerland

                        Andreas Lienhard, Daniel Kettiger, Daniela Winkler
                          • Better Administering for Better Judging

                            Loïc Cadiet, Jean-Paul Jean, Hélène Pauliat, Aurélie Binet-Grosclaude, Caroline Foulquier
                                      • Evaluating Court Performance: Findings from Two Italian Courts

                                        Luis Lepore, Concetta Metallo, Rocco Agrifoglio
                                        • The Role of Communication in the French Judicial System

                                          Emmanuel Jeuland, Anastasia Sotiropoulou
                                            • Monitoring and Evaluation of Courts Activities and Performance

                                              Gar Yein Ng, Marco Velicogna, Cristina Dallara