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  • Justice in the East of Ukraine During the Ongoing Armed Conflict

    Roman Kuibada, Liana Moroz, Roman Smaliuk
          • Swiss Courts Facing the Challenges of COVID-19

            Daniel Kettiger, Andreas Lienhard
                    • Coaching in the Judiciary Power: an inner look

                      Ana Cristina Monteiro de Andrade Silva
                          • The Smart Court – A New Pathway to Justice in China?

                            Changqing Shi, Tania Sourdin, Bin Li
                            • Framework for Development and Evaluation of Community Engagement

                              Tim Haslett, Chris Ballenden, Louise Bassett, Saroj Godbole, Kelly Walker
                                      • An Examination of How District Attorneys Perceive Justice.

                                        Jacqueline Suzanne Chavez, Scott Mathers
                                            • Better Administering for Better Judging

                                              Loïc Cadiet, Jean-Paul Jean, Hélène Pauliat, Aurélie Binet-Grosclaude, Caroline Foulquier
                                                • E-justice in Switzerland and Brazil: Paths and Experiences

                                                  Marcos Sousa, Daniel Kettiger, Andreas Lienhard