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  • A New Method for an Objective Measurement of the Judicial Workload – the Application of a Prediction Model Based on an Algorithm Formed by Multiple Linear Regression in Court Administration

    László Örkényi
      • Court Administration at a Time of Uncertainty

        Tim Bunjevac, Markus Zimmer, Philip Langbroek, Gar Yein Ng
          • When Special Immigrant Juveniles and Trial Courts Intersect: The Value of Data-Informed Case Management

            Danielle Fox, Hisashi Yamagata, Lili Khozeimeh, Esq., Marianne Hendricks, Esq., Madeleine Jones, Esq., Rick Dabbs
            • Minding the Court: Enhancing the Decision-Making Process

              Pamela Casey, Kevin Burke, Steve Leben
                    • Status of Court Management in Switzerland

                      Andreas Lienhard, Daniel Kettiger, Daniela Winkler
                                              • A New Year in Court Administration

                                                Tim Bunjevac, Gar Yein Ng, Philip Langbroek, Markus Zimmer